30 Cute Spring Nails In 2021, Ready for spring

If you want more different shapes in spring, you might as well try a manicure that suits the season. What color is spring? I think it should be colorful, with green trees and red flowers, a blue sky and white clouds, and warm sunshine. These natural colors belong to spring.

Our hands just become more conspicuous. Some people think that their hands are not exquisite and not suitable for manicures. This idea is to lack self-confidence. It is precisely because of some shortcomings that we have to find ways to decorate and use eye-catching manicures to create a delicate sense of hands.

There are many shapes and styles of nail art, whether it is a small fresh style or dark system, it can make the taste of spring. which one is your favorite?

1.Hyacinth Nails

The combination of pink and gray is also a very suitable color for spring. The frosted nail surface will make the nail art more textured and more advanced.

2.Pastel Colours nails

3.Pink Gradient nails

4.French nails

5.Holographics Nails

6.Neon Nails

7.Hand painted frenchies nails

8.Acrylic color Nails

9.Mother-of-pearl nails

10.Swarovski nails

11.Mix matched florals nails

12.3D floral water decals nails

13.Glitter nails

A good friend is like a 4 leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have-irish proverb

14.Nude and crystals nails

15.Pastels nails

16.ombre nails

17.maryland nails

18.young nails

19.long nails

20. Matte Nude Nails

21. Wearing pink tips with yellow nails

22. blue nails

23. butterfly nails

24. Colored powder design and 100{1b04e985d1c6d9df55cb8b514fa485461285a4838354a1a2ccd933425c73eefd} Swarovski rhinestones

25. Vacation nails

26. Dreamy Nails

27. Yellow nails

28. Agua Blue Nails

29. Simple rainbow dots Nails

30. Green nails

Speaking of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is green. A green nail art can’t be missed in spring, and it’s super beautiful when paired with a four-leaf clover that brings good luck.

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