49+ Best Anime nails, childhood is so nostalgic

Nowadays, the periphery of animation games has long been not limited to hand-made posters, but penetrated into all aspects of our life, including costumes printed with game logo and cars sprayed with animation characters. There are also girls who love anime. In order to show their personality, they stick their favorite anime characters on their fingers.

I found some popular anime nail art, these anime nails, which will take you back to your childhood. There is always a pair of styles that can satisfy you.

Totoro nails

The animated film directed by Miyazaki describes the beautiful nature that existed before Japan’s rapid economic development, the incredible world and rich imagination that only children can see.

Sailor Moon

“She is the one named Sailor Moon!” One of my favorite childhood show growing up!

Fans of Naruto

Some anime I guess. I think is a character from Naruto.

Death note

This set is perfect. I want one with Light tho. HAHA

Hunter Hunter


I must rewatch the entire series. Because, duh. Amirite?

Kyojuro Rengoku × Pink Flame

Bungo Stray Dogs

Uchiha Itachi

You are weak. Why are you so weak. Because you lack.. hatred!


Sukuna inspired

Spirited Away

No Game No Life

One Piece nails

Zoro and Sanji are my two favorite characters and I love how their designs came out here.

Addict nails

Ah, nothing better than a set of Hazbin Hotel nails to start the week! I honestly had no idea what I was going to do for my nails today but then I watched the music video for “Addict” and there was my answer! Last time it was Alastor and Angel Dust but today I just wanted to do entire set inspired by Angel in the MV (with a little nod to Cherri Bomb on my pinky).

Alex’s nails

Alex is so wonderfully awkward, sassy, and sweet and Willie is just adorable and so playful; their chemistry right from their first meeting and the twist towards the latter half of the season just adds so much to their relationship and I really can’t wait to see it develop. If you’re looking for a fun, feel-good show to watch I highly recommend it!

90s baby nails

I used to love “90sbaby” movie as a kid!

Dark Levi nails

Anime vibes nails