5 Popular manicures in 2020! Have you done everything?

Recently, there are a lot of beautiful manicures. Today, I will take stock of 5 popular manicures recently. Come and see which one is best for you!

Opal Stone

Opal is an online celebrity’s hot manicure in the past two months. “Opal” is a style with a little wrinkled texture. From a distance, it also looks like water ripples, but it is quite simple to make it, you can search for it.

Frosted sequins

Frosted sequins are also popular recently. Colorful gorgeous sequins are more fashionable than traditional ones. At the same time, they also make up for the calmness brought by frosted manicures. Color matching makes people feel much more lively.

Simple graffiti

Simple style has always been very popular. This two-color graffiti manicure is particularly simple and versatile. Green, purple and blue are all popular!

Sorbet Cat’s Eye

The cat’s eye is so dazzling, but Sorbet cat’s eye is really popular this year. How can it be miss from the five hot models!

Cow Pattern

No one used to do animal lines, but leopard lines have been gradually accepted and liked over the years. Now, cow lines are too widespread!

Choosing a good day, queue up for manicure!