Cat’s Eye manicure, everyone loves it.

Cat’s eye nail is a special style. Its charm lies in its luminescent particles. Therefore, to show this luminous texture better, it is best not to add too many decorations on the nail surface. If you want more delicate effects, you may as well use other delicate trims of Cat’s Eye nail, which have rich effects without affecting the beauty of the cat’s eye nail.

Today, I’d like to share with you the very beautiful cat’s eye jumper nail, which is made up of the cat’s eye nail and other colors of nail art. Cat’s Eye Nails is also the favorite of many girls.

Some dark cat’s eye nails will have a more obvious luminous texture, which will make the fingertips present a very flexible glossiness. This kind of luster that changes with the change of angle is just like a real cat’s eye gem, it has a sense of mystery and is matched with naked nail art, which will make your fingertips look very smart.