How to make DIY nails at home – 47+ tips

If you need to reduce the cost of going to a nail salon, why not try DIY Nails? Light some candles with flower fragrance, make some relaxing tea for yourself and then give yourself a manicure, but the cost is very small, and all this comes from a comfortable home.

Here are some tips for a manicure that you can complete at home. I hope you can get more inspiration!


Blue nails

I absolutely loved this creamy cobalt blue polish. It’s one of my favorites and definitely worth revisiting.

purple plaid

Hand-painted Paris Nails

I always relate Paris with Romance and love. So today I created this nails to celebrate love on this special season or for Valentines Day.

glitter nails

Pinky & Thumb- “Chanel Rouge”
Ring-“Fingers Crossed”
Middle-“Pink Winks”
Index-“Sticky Date”

nude nails

trendy nails

red nails

orange nails

Black-matte and glossy nails with Golden striping tape

flower nails

dip powder nails

color street nails

pink glitters nails

Pretty Pineapples

moon and sun

dipping powder nails

This dip is absolutely beautiful The big snowflake pieces were a test to my patience but once I got them down the end result was stunning.

greens and blues

We live in a world full of stress and anxiety. Try incorporating soothing colors like soft greens and blues into your everyday wardrobe to help your mental health.

perfect neutral