How to match the black manicure, more advanced?

We all need to know that black is slimming and white, and we also know that black is cool and sexy. Black is a kind of attitude. There are many ways to play black. Let’s take a look today.

Black + frosted
Black and frosted are “a perfect match”. The calmness of black and the low profile of frosted just improve the overall sense of fashion.

Black + same color
The same color is the entry-level of color-matching, which is very suitable for beginners and will never go wrong. The same color-matching with black is mainly white and gray, even for the simplest color jump, there will be fashionable and advanced gradient layering, which belongs to the type of the more you see, the more durable you are.

Transparent black + gradient/faint
Transparent black is tastier than solid black, especially can make the black strong and handsome turn into soft, the combination of gradient and faint dyeing is also more suitable for summer than frosted. Cool Girls can also have their cool black in summer!

Black + bright color
The combination of black and color will be more eye-catching and even surprise people unexpectedly! I do not want to get too plain and dull in summer. I must dress up in bright colors!