Lace nail design for sweet girls

On the orange nail surface, it is pasted with a layer of black lace edge and then embellished with small bowknot of the same color, which is especially charming.

■ Nail tools

A. Orange nails polish and transparent nail polish.

B. Small tweezers, crystal powder, crystal pen.

C. Lace side stickers, red bowknot.


1. First, brush a layer of orange nail polish on the nail surface, and then brush another layer after it is completely dried.

2. After the second layer of nail polish is completely dried, then brush a layer of transparent nail polish to make the nail surface look shinier.

3. After trimming the lace sticker, stick it on the back edge of the nail.

4. Use a crystal pen to dip the crystal powder on the nail surface, and then paste the red bow here.

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