Nail basic-necessary tools for manicure

■ Nail file
It is used for trimming the soft front of nails and helping the trimmed nail file to form a proper nail shape. The nail File is divided into a sponge file, steel file, color bar file, etc. According to the shape, the nail file has six shapes: square, square, oval, pointed, round, and horn, usually in use, you can choose the nail file that is easiest to use according to your hand shape.

■ Nail clippers
Used for trimming nails of various shapes, there are generally two types: flat cut and diagonal cut. When using, hold the nail clipper handles with your thumb and forefinger, and you can trim the proper nail length with a little force.

■ Finger skin push
It is generally used to push up the redundant finger skin at the back edge of the nail, and the finger skin with an irregular back edge can be pushed out into a soft circle with only a slight force, however, the extra finger skin will become warped during the process of pushing, and it will be trimmed with the finger skin later, and the back edge will be more tidy and beautiful. It should be noted that the technique should be gentle when pushing the finger skin. Do not push it too deep at a time, or it will hurt the dermis layer at the back of the nail.

■ Finger leather scissors
It is used to cut off the extra nail skin and cut off the dead skin and thorns that have just been pushed up one by one. It knows as the “scavenger” in the nail trimming tool “. The appearance of the finger skin scissors looks like small pliers. You must use the help of finger skin pushing before using it so that it can be more accurate when trimming.