Romantic and amazing wedding nails, be the most beautiful bride.

Red can make the bride’s hands are about to wear of wear the ring look whiter. If it is accompanied by a Chinese-style red wedding dress and Phoenix-crowned, it can show more classical beauty.

If you wear a white wedding dress, nude nails are more dignified and elegant and look Conservative and noble. Sparkling diamond ornaments make you shine in every corner of the wedding.

Red is festive. If matched with gold colors, it looks solemn and not monotonous, making the sense of ceremony doubled. When toasting, cheongsam, or small gown with such manicure must be elegant and outstanding.

Wedding is a very important moment in a woman’s life. Of course, we should be meticulous and our anklets should be beautiful and not missed. When the groom finds the hidden shoes and puts them on for the bride, he will also be heart leaps up!