Rose Tattoo – you the next tattoo inspiration.

Rose’s flower language in ancient Greek mythology, Rose combines love and beauty, which is not only the embodiment of beauty God but also dissolved into the blood of love God. Worldwide, roses are a common language used to express love. So, what is the effect of painting roses on the skin?

I hope these rose tattoos shared today can provide some inspiration for your next tattoo.

Rose & ornament

You like realistic motivation, but is “normal” realism too boring for you? 

black and grey tattoo

Rose with Couple Name Tattoo

Family is the answer

Collarbone tattoo

Can’t wait to tattoo new pieces again. In the mean time here’s a healed rose.

Tattoo and dagger

Every rose has it’s… dagger?

Realistic tattoo

Black tattoo

Roses and snakes

Flower & memories

Water colour tattoo

Tattoos and birthmarks

birthmark cover up work in process

Sleeve tattoo

The start of this thigh piece.

Hibiscus tattoo