The secret of nail polish

Tips for choosing nail polish

Nail polish is like the close-fitting clothes of nails. The nail polish with good quality not only makes the nail effect bright but also has the advantages of protecting the nails from drying and mild touch after applying, therefore, good quality itself equals a kind of care.

Purchase and preservation of nail polish

● A bottle of good nail polish should have the following six advantages:
a. After applying the nail quickly, it will not condense into a ball.
B. The color seen by the eyes will reappear on the nails with a moderate luster.
c. It is sticky to a certain extent, smooth, mild, and easy to apply.
d. Quick-drying and not easy to fall off.
e. Nail Polish oil in the bottle will not separate and will not change color.
f. nail polish brush have to keep a proper length of the nail polish amount (in general, a brush of better coating, good color).

● tips for preserving the life span of nail polish, here are a few tips; Nail polish is not a daily care product, and it may take more than half a year to stand on the dressing table. How to avoid using deteriorated nail polish or prolong its use
a, when the nail polish is sticky, killed, or has the phenomenon of color separation, it should be doubted whether it has deteriorated.
B, generally, the preservation period of nail polish is about two years, and that of nail polish that is not opened can be preserved for three years.
c, the bottle mouth should be tightly sealed, otherwise the solvent inside is easy to volatilize. Once the ingredients volatilize, the nail polish will become thick and thick.
d, if the nail polish becomes thick, use thinner to rescue. But nail polish can only be diluted two to three times.
e. Acetone or polishing water is not suitable for diluting nail polish.
f. nail polish time useless after will be precipitated, to a wave inside the bottle of the metal ball will ingredient is dispersed out.