Tips for choosing nail polish

Choosing a good nail polish can not only make the nail shape more lasting but also avoid causing damage to the nail. There is a wide variety of nail polish on the market. What is the difference between them? How should we choose? Only by knowing the type of nail polish can you choose the most suitable nail polish.

Bright type
That is, general nail polish we usually see has a certain sense of gloss.
Under the reflection of light, it has a strong sense of gloss and will present a transparent color like jelly, which is often used as nail base oil.
Pearl type
This kind of nail polish can give off the light sense of pearl under specific light, which is very suitable for use as the base of sweet and lovely nail styling.
Glare type
This kind of nail polish can give off a gradient effect like neon light under different light rays and can be used for Gorgeous nail styling.
Fog type
The texture of this nail polish is as foggy as frosted glass. It looks very elegant and is suitable for nail art in the workplace or when attending parties.
Sequin type
This kind of nail polish is rich in color, with sequins or gold powder added inside, which will give off a shiny luster like silk under the light, it is also suitable to be used as background color in manicure modeling.
A bottle of good nail polish should be thick and moderate. When choosing, you can take out the nail polish brush. If the nail polish drops too fast, the nail polish is too thin and the thickness is not high; If the nail polish drops too slowly, it is too thick, which is not conducive to scrubbing; the dropping speed is moderate, and the consistency and fullness are preferred.

When trying on nails, check whether the gloss and color of the nail polish are the same. The nail polish with the same gloss and tone has higher durability, which is especially suitable for a manicure.
Coating layer
Good nail polish can form a uniform coating layer on nails and has certain elasticity and viscosity.
Look at the brushing
The bristles of nail polish should be elastic. It is best to choose nail polish with slender bristles, which will be evenly colored. Also, the brush can be taken out. If the shape of the brush continues to remain slender, it means that the toughness of the brush is good.
Production Date
Generally, nail polish with a relatively long production date has a poor brushing effect, and its texture will be thick and hard, which is not conducive to preservation. It is better to choose the nail polish with a relatively close production date.
In general, a bottle of good nail polish should have a proper drying speed and a certain hardening effect; When applied to the nail surface, there is still a certain degree of adhesion, it can form a uniform coating film on the nail surface; The painted color is relatively uniform, and the glossiness and hue are good. It can emit beautiful colors under any light. It has good durability; After applying, the coating layer has certain elasticity and good adhesion to the nail surface.