What are cute nail accessories in 2020?

Adding colorful accessories to nails will add a glittering and glittering color in plain nail surface.

■ Rhinestone

It is usually divided into color, size, and shape, and is the most common decoration on manicures. Generally, rhinestones with the best brightness, the most positive color, and not easy to fall off are the best.

■ Pearl

It is a necessary DIY accessory in manicure modeling. A good Pearl particle accessory should be full of color, equal in size.

■ 3D carving

Very three-dimensional carved decoration. When in use, it needs Crystal liquid and crystal powder to be firmly stuck.

■ 3D cartoon patch

Usually, plastic or soft pottery is used as the material, and most of the patches are fruits and cartoon patterns. Nail glue is required to stick to the nail surface.

■ Cartoon sticker

Stickers with cartoon patterns. It can save the trouble of painting. As long as the sticker is pasted, the cartoon image can jump to the fingertips vividly.

■ Stereo decals

Usually, it is shaped by three-dimensional carving, and the color is relatively bright. When using it, you only need to tear it off, paste it directly on the nail surface, and then use bright oil as the sealing layer.

■ Dried flowers

Generally inlaid inside the glazed nail and phototherapy nail. As a whole, it looks colorful and has a high degree of simulation. It is a common decoration for Many manicurists.

■ Soft pottery flower

There are many shapes, such as flower-shaped, butterfly-shaped, candy-shaped, etc. It feels elastic, just like an eraser. When using, apply the nail glue on the bottom of the soft pottery flower.

■ Resin flower

It is usually made of resin material with good glossiness. When using, you need to use a carved pen to take a proper amount of crystal powder to make a bottom ball and put it on the nail surface.